Susan KolbSusan Kolb

Hi Ryan. My story has many similarities to yours. I was already on social security disability and receive alimony before these attacks started. I get $30 per month in food stamps and my net income is $1426 per month. It is tight, but I get by. I can’t imagine how you are getting by but I want you to know that I understand. It is very hard being so ill and having nobody to support you or even care. I have been suicidal this entire time. The headaches started in September and got worse and worse. I don’t know if I will ever get full relief. I am so tired and weak it is a chore to get in the shower more than once or twice a week.
I hope you are able to receive my message and know that somebody understands and cares. Please know that I will be thinking about you. Being sick, in pain and lonely is a shitty way to have to live. I Am so sorry for your circumstances.