Get your cluster headache “basic training” right here! We cover everything from getting an accurate diagnosis, identifying and avoiding your triggers, plus the most common treatment options to consider.

  • A Cluster Headache Attack

    February 14, 2011CHSG Admin

    The following is a description of what it feels like to experience a cluster headache attack. Cluster headaches range in intensity and any seasoned cluster headache patient knows well how to quickly rate the pain they are feeling on a scale of 1-10. The following is an example of a level 8 cluster headache attack.

  • Cluster Headache Patient Guide

    November 5, 2015CHSG Admin

    Welcome to our New Patient Guide, where you will learn what cluster headache is, how it is diagnosed & treated, and what you can do to manage this painful condition.  You’ll quickly discover there is no “silver bullet” to stop the pain of cluster headaches. In fact, in many cases it takes so long to ...