Use these resources to track your symptoms, advocate for effective treatments, and explain cluster headache to your loved ones, educators, and employers.

  • Home Oxygen Prescribing Guide and Resource Kit for Physicians
    Share this document and sample home oxygen prescription form with your doctor to speed up access to the correct equipment to stop your attacks.
  • Reliable Sources of Information about Headache Disorders
    There is just enough awareness about cluster headache and other headache disorders to prompt volumes of bad information to spread all over the internet, bookstores, and mainstream media outlets. It seems as though everyone is out to make a quick buck off the suffering and desperation of hurting patients. You've likely run across dramatic claims of "cures" such as ear piercings, soaking your feet in hot water, drinking lemon juice and salt water, purple lemonade, or green smoothies. With so much information out there, how will you ever know what is accurate?
  • Sample Letter of Medical Necessity for Emgality
    This sample letter of medical necessity can be downloaded and give to your doctor to support the use of Emgality to treat cluster headache cycles.
  • Tracking Your Symptoms
    Download this easy-to-use symptom tracker to record the frequency and severity of each attack.
  • Medication List Form
    Download this easy-to-use form to record and track your medication history.
  • Letter to Loved Ones
    Download this letter to explain cluster headache to your loved ones.
  • Resources to Download
    Download these resources to help track your attacks and explain Cluster Headache to others.
  • Letter to Employer
    Download this letter to explain cluster headache to your employer.
  • Letter to School Officials
    Download this letter to explain cluster headache to your child's school.
  • The KIP Scale
    Created by cluster headache patient, Bob Kipple, the KIP Scale was created specifically to describe the pain of a cluster headache attack.
  • Comparative Pain Scale
    Download this detailed pain scale that offer descriptions of functioning as well as pain intensity.