CHSG Members Answer the Call from CNN

“It can only be described as a dull, hot knife digging into the back of your eye constantly. When my body is in a cluster headache cycle, these attacks affect my life, my relationships and my work,”  CHSG member, Justin Dolan

Migraines to cluster headaches: The most painful headaches you could ever have

“Imagine waking up with a slight headache and finding that it lasts for decades. Or driving to work one day and instead of seeing traffic ahead, you see wavy lines, flashing lights and stars where the cars should be. An even harsher reality for some is developing a headache that is so excruciating, they start banging their head against a wall, simply to provide some form of relief.”
Source: Migraines to cluster headaches: The most painful headaches – CNN

A few weeks ago, CHSG was contacted by a reporter from CNN seeking video submissions from patients, describing the experience of cluster headache. Our family did not disappoint! Over a dozen courageous men and women submitted honest, raw, uncensored, unfiltered video of life with cluster headache.  Seven were featured in the October 3rd CNN article.  If you would like to know more, or see our submissions unedited, visit our channel.

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