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      Kelsey GrayKelsey Gray

      “Devil in my head”
      Fear of the dance
      Clawing desperately in the dark
      Body covered in a thick sheen of sweat
      Pain, Excruciating Pain
      A nightmare perhaps, please let it only be a
      Leaping to my feet, I realize it’s not.
      Clenching my teeth
      Hearing them crack under the pressure
      Feeling the burning again, the fire
      Here we go again, no
      NO, NOT AGAIN!!
      Slipping silently past my sleeping family,
      God watch over them while I dance with the
      Just like every other night
      Let them sleep and never see the pain
      Almost running in circles
      Head tilted over my shoulders
      Hands numb from pressing
      Harder on my skull
      no relief no relief no relief
      Silently Screaming with the pain
      Falling to the floor and
      begging God to take me
      release me
      forgive me for whatever wrong I did
      to deserve this torture
      Pure Torture
      This evil that won’t leave me alone
      An eternity of dancing
      The beast stepping on my toes,
      while he drives his dark fingers
      into my eye
      my skull
      my temple
      pushing my teeth out of my jaw
      and burning them before they can hit the floor
      Please no more,
      Let me die.
      Like a switch,
      I feel what I was longing for,
      another tear streams down my cheek
      only this one is relief.
      Falling to the floor
      Daring to never sleep again
      For fear of dancing again tonight
      very alone
      It’s coming and it can’t be stopped.
      I am enslaved and awaiting your torture
      one more time, one more time

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      Cora-Mari StrydomCora-Mari Strydom

      So true….

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      Cora-Mari StrydomCora-Mari Strydom

      I just pace the floor
      and beg for no more

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