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      Anne Van CalsterAnne Van Calster

      Hi all, reading your stories actually make me feel bam little bad because here I am thinking I’ve had it bad. I’ve been having cluster headaches the past 2 years and recently diagnosed with CCH about a year ago. Nothing worked for my pain and the headaches lasted 2+ hours everytime of excruciating pain. I’ve been using imitrex injections the last year which greatly helps with the pain, I actually don’t know where id be without the relief. My wife is in the Navy so I’m a stay at home dad for the moment taking care of our 2 Daughters during the day. Quality of life? I’ve never thought about that until about a year ago and mine has went down hill drastically. I wake up depressed just waiting for the cluster headache to hit me so I can give myself a shot to relieve the pain. It’s really starting to get to me living like this, and talking and explaining it to people who don’t understand it or who tell me it’s just a headache deal with it, really gets to me. I try to explain the pain is almost unbearable. Currently on a new blocker right now which is suppose to help prevent the number of episodes I have and the severity of the church. It’s called Propanolol. But anyways chsg, I just thought I’d stop by and share a little information about my cluster headaches and would like to be active part or a support group for this. Anyways thanks for taking time to read,
      BP PARKER.

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