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      I think it has been ten months now. I just want to be able to the things before this happened. I want to be able to workout without knowing it makes things worse. I want to be able to do things around the house and not need my husband to pick up the slack. I get hopeful every time I have tried a new medicine only to be met with disappointment. Explaining it to someone who doesn’t have a trigeminal autonomic Cephalalgia seems useless. I feel guilty in a weird way, guilty that I feel like I am not present in my marriage. My husband is so understanding but I can see it takes a toll on him as well. We both just want our life back. I never had migraines before this. Also for some reason it seems to effect my breathing to. It makes my hyperventilate prior to an attack and I almost feel like I am suffocating. Generally the breathing issue subsides once the headache starts. Has anyone else ever experienced this?

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