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      Hey all,

      I suffered from cluster headaches for about 3-5 months each time and they were 2 years apart each.

      The first time I went to the doctor and they knew exactly what they were, they tried Prednisone, Beta Blockers, and nothing worked. Eventually, they got me an oxygen tank and that was the only relief I had. I had to exchange it almost twice a week.

      The second time I had them I knew what I was getting into and went straight to Oxygen. It really helped but I still almost lost my mind and livelihood because it does take a while to work. I also got a prescription of Imitrex which also seemed to help but made my heart race like crazy and felt unsafe.

      The third time I felt the first one crawl up the back of my neck and decided I needed to do research. I saw people saying to chug water (tried it), chug coffee (tried it), then to chug an energy drink (tried it) and it worked! I think it was the taurine in the energy drink that knocked it out. I was so happy that I had figured out a way to stop it. Then it hit TWICE as hard in the middle of the day.

      I tested Taurine as a way to get rid of the headache and it worked to get rid of them, but they came back twice as bad later. The more Taurine you take actually caused them.

      I saw an article on the forums for Cluster Headache Sufferers about using Vitamin D. I bought the exact things they had (some were West Coast CostCo things and I’m on the East Coast) and I took them exactly as they said. I no longer had the cluster headaches.

      The biggest key for the night is the Benadryl, it passes the blood/brain barrier and knocks your ass out as well as whatever (hypothalamus) from causing the headaches.

      Vitamin D knocked out the headaches completely after a week. I didn’t even feel them trying to come on after a week.

      Just follow the regimen and see how it help is all I have to say. If you want to talk to me, my email is below to prove I’m a real person.

      Good Luck!

      -Kenneth Southern
      @ksouthern At some

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