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      I have tried several over the years. First, I started with a basic ice bag that I could fill with ice cubes. These are great at home, but harder to use out and about. As a result, I still keep a few on hand for home use. Next, I tried several shapes and sizes of Theraperl ice packs.  I would give these a A+ except for the tendency to crack open at the seams.
      About a year ago i had the opportunity to try some more sophisticated, wearable ice packs. That’s when I discovered MigraCap and IceKap. Both work perfectly. MigraCap is soft and flexible – perfect for sleeping, where the IceKap works best when I need tight compression. Consequently, they have become my preferred options. I pack them both in a soft-side cooler which keeps them cold all day. This setup is perfect for travel.
      Ice Bag #1  Therapearl  MigraCap  IceKap
      What do you use?

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      Mike FisherMike Fisher

      I absolutely LOVE my migracap. It fits great,the ice packs are well positioned & it stays cold for a good while. It is SO much more convenient than an ice pack, you have your hands free for other stuff or clutching your skull in agony depending on the attack 🙂

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      Linda MaulLinda Maul
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