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      so let me start off with i have never done anything like this never felt like it was necessary.
      but now its gotten to the point that im having trouble findeng a reason to do anything. i have had this now for about 6 years sinds i was 19 starded off innocent with one attack per week but the last 3 years i have had like 6 attacks per day o yeah it is the chronic version so no rest.
      but with verapamil i managed to get like to good periods a year of about 3 moths where i have almost no attacks but the verapamil doesnt work as well anymore i just began my new good period or wel it is supposed to be but i still have attacks every day but in the end the attacks arent the worst thing its that im to afraid to go anywhere.

      i dont really know why i wrote this its just that the only person i can talk a little bit about this with is my mother but just afer i tell a litle i can see the sadnes

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