Equal Employment Opportunity Commission

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission is responsible for enforcing all forms of discrimination in the workplace, including disability discrimination. It also offers guidance and education to employers regarding compliance, including instructions on how to make reasonable accommodations for employees with disabilities.

Possible accommodations for employees with cluster headache:

  • Flexible break times to allow employee to abort attacks
  • Providing a private area for employees to abort or deal with attacks
  • Permitting employee to store oxygen tanks, sumatriptan injections, ice packs, etc. in the workplace
  • Flexible scheduling for doctor appointments, active cycle days, etc.
  • Allowing beverages (energy drinks) and medications in employee workspace.
  • Permitting employee to wear sunglasses or specially tinted glasses to ease photophobia
  • Replacing fluorescent lighting with incandescent or natural lighting
  • Creating a fragrance-free workplace to accommodate osmophobia and chemical sensitivities
  • Offering Family & Medical Leave benefits
  • When accommodations are not possible in current position, offer alternative job assignment(s)


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