Analytic cognitive style in cluster headache

Authors:  Marzia Buonfiglio, Francesco Di Sabato
Source:  Neurological Sciences, August 18, 2011


Previous reports on cluster headache have shown a hypothalamic dysfunction and a hitherto unrecognized defect in the information processing pathways measured by event-related potentials. As of today, the causes are still unknown; likewise, studies on the psychological factors involved in CH have not yielded relevant data. The aim of our study was to evaluate the presence of a possible correlation between CH and a specific manner of information processing, i.e., an analytic cognitive style. This study applies two cognitive style tests that have not previously been used in the context of cluster headache: ‘‘Sternberg–Wagner Self Assessment Inventory’’ and the C. Cornoldi AMOS test series. Twenty-three CH patients were involved in the study and were compared with two control groups: healthy subjects and tension type headache patients. Our findings clearly indicate a significant correlation between analytic cognitive style and CH, warranting further studies focusing on the underlying neurophysiological mechanisms.
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