Resolution of Cluster Headaches in a Female Using Koren Specific Technique

Authors: John Foley, DC and Donald Tew, DC
Source: Koren Specific Technique, Feb. 9, 2011


Objective: This case study reports on a female patient suffering from cluster
headaches who was successfully treated with the Koren Specific Technique.
Clinical Features: A forty seven year old female with subluxations and a
diagnosis of cluster headaches presented with complaints of headaches and neck
stiffness that began two years prior to seeking chiropractic treatment. Originally
diagnosed with migraine, drug therapy for that failed. This delay of proper
treatment left her with feelings of hopelessness, despair, and thoughts of suicide.
Interventions and Outcomes: The patient was adjusted with the Koren Specific
Technique (KST). The patient was adjusted three times per week for the first
four weeks and then on an average of once a week for four months. After five
months of care her headaches resolved and she was able return to a normal life
Conclusion: The formulation of a proper diagnosis and implementing
appropriate treatment protocols for the various types of headaches is important.
Delay in proper recognition of a specific type of headache may lead to a delay in
proper care. In this case of a patient with cluster headaches, the patient
responded well to chiropractic intervention. More research on Koren Specific
Technique, subluxation reduction and its role in amelioration of headaches is
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