Psilocybin for the Treatment of Cluster Headache

Condition:   Cluster Headache
Interventions:   Drug: 0.143 mg/kg Psilocybin;   Drug: 0.0143 mg/kg Psilocybin;   Drug: Placebo
Sponsors:   Yale University;   Heffter Research Institute
Recruiting – verified June 2017
Source: Listing of Cluster Headache trials
The purpose of this study is to investigate the effects of an oral psilocybin pulse regimen in cluster headache. Subjects will be randomized to receive oral placebo, low dose psilocybin, or high dose psilocybin in three experimental sessions, each separated by 5 days. Subjects will maintain a headache diary prior to, during, and after the pulse regimen in order to document headache frequency and intensity before, during, and after the pulse regimen.